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Medieval Report Ideas

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Medieval Report Ideas

Here are some topic ideas for paragraphs within each report.


Peasant's Report:

1. Everyday Life

   Lord of the Manor

     Tithe Barn

 2. Housing- Hovel smoke went through cieling, thatched, plaster on side

2.5 Clothes (flax and hemp)

     Dying clothes wodd (blue), and madder (red)

     No pockets, illegal to wear rich clothing

3. Social Structure and Education (no read or writing)

4. Farming

     Thought demons and witches killed crops

5. Disease and Famine

6. Village Faire

7. Women in Villages  

8. Defending Towns

       Yeoman with longbow

Merchant's Report:

Freeman from Peasant

Open Markets and Shopkeepers

      Money (coins of the realm) and Banks

      Starting a City

Apprentices and Craftsmen

      Craft Guilds

Travel and Trade Routes

     Marco Polo

Street Festivals and Faires


Churchmen and Clergy:

Why religion was important

Religions of the Time


    Celtic Christians  

    Saracens (Muslim)

Roman Catholic Church

    Duties of a Priest

          Education and Writing

                  illumination of scripture

                  how to make parchment

                  prayer beads absolution of sins

          Women and religion

          Clothing and hairstyles

          Entertainment (miracle plays)

    Duties of a Bishop

          Inquisition and Heretics

           Cathedrals and Stained glass windows, arches, butresses

    Monasteries and Monastic Orders

Pilgrimages and Crusades

     Relics, Shrines, and Miracles

     Military Monastic Orders (crusaders)


Smith's Report:

What was a freeman (shop owner) and how were they different than peasants.

How to become an armorer (be an apprentice first)

Leather armor and how it changed over time.

Chain-mail: How it was made

                   How it changed over time

                   Parts of a chain-mail suite

Helmets and Shields: How they changed over time

Full plate armor

                   How it was made

                   How it changed over time

                   Parts of a plate mail suite

Prices in the medieval ages

What kind of armor was placed on horses for battle?

How does modern body armor compare to the medieval version?

Knight Report:

Give a brief review of the feudal system and how the knight was the lowest of the nobility

      Describe the right to use weapons, dispense justice, and have a coat of arms

Describe a knight's manor house and how it works.

       How was a knight errant different than a manor knight or a banneret knight?

       How was a knight required to show hospitality?

What did the knight and his wife do for entertainment and past times?

            Falconry and hunting, jousting tournaments

What is chivalry?  Explain the knight's code of chivalry. 

A knight in training: Pages and squires and how they were trained

           Importants of heraldry knowledge for a knight

The vigil and knighting ceremony

Describe knightly armor (Use the armor info packet for this - your choice of the type of armor)

Describe a knight at war

      What was ransom?  What if they lost a joust?  What was a battle-field knighting?

      Describe a warhorse and how it was used.  Describe some weapons favored by a knight.

What caused the end of the usefulness of knights in battle?

How did the legends of King Arthur change how we think of knights in the medieval ages?

      What was wrong with the writer's description of the Arthurian armor in the legends of Arthur.

Are there still knights today in England?  If so give an example of who and why they were knighted.


Noble Lady's Report:



       Woman's Bodies



        Charms, Herbs, Potions



        Giving feasts



        Courtly Love




   Changing seasons

   Changes Over the years

   How a lady's saddle differs from a man's


Famous Medieval Women

Describe Parts of a Castle (privy, bedroom, solar, dungeon, great hall, chapel, granary, larder,  kitchens, laundry


Soldier/ Castellan's Report:

1. Early Castles and designing a castle

      Describe the creation of the first mote and bailey castles

      Describe the need to change to stone walls.

      What was a keep and how did it serve the castle?

      How did exploring far away lands change the designs of castles in England?

      Describe the major parts of a castle and their use.

2. Building a Castle

      How where walls created?

      How was the moat created?

       Describe a few famous castles and where they are found

3. A Soldier's Life in a Castle

4. Defending a Castle

     How to defend against a siege

     Describe some famous sieges in history. How did they turn out?


Soldier/Marshal's Report:

Raising and Supplying an Army

Battle Lines

   Importants of heraldry in battle

   Footsoldiers Combat

   Archers Combat

   Mounted Combat


The Siege and Equipment

Royal Servants' Report:


Explain why heraldry was needed

Describe the parts of a heraldric coat of arms

Describe medieval musical instruments like trumpet, harp

Describe a ballad or lyric

Describe the role of a herald at a feast

Describe the herald's role in a jousting tournament



Medieval merchants and freeman

How the peasants caught the food to sell to the cook

Describe the Feast Hall

          Goblets, trenchers, and other utensils for eating

Describe the Kitchen

Compare the nobles' food with the peasants' food

Explain the dinner courses and order of servings

Explain fancy food plates for feasts and banquets,

           Spices and Seasonings

Describe the cost of some of the food and compare it to today's price


What are some rewards an excellent cook might look forward to?


High Nobility's Report

1. Daily life in a castle

    Noble clothing


2. The Feudal Pyramid

   Granting Lands and Titles

   Knighting Ceremony

3. Divine right of Kings

    Importance of strong leaders

    Coronation of a New King

    Powers of a King

        Taxing the people

        Healing powers

        Decree Laws, Wax Seals, Signet rings


4. Entertainment

    Hunting and Falconry

Wizards and Faeblood's Report:

    History of the word Magic

    Some famous wizards in literature

    Spells and their components (verbal, movement, material)


    Magic wands, staves, rings

    Faeries and the other realm

       Dark and light fearie

       Fearie circles

       Types of fearies

       Fearie weakness (iron, new things)

       Fearie court and Queen

       Never clothe a fearie or eat their food














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