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2018-19 Challenge projects

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SEPT:  Create a Character


OCT: Five Poems
NOV:  Create a Creature
DEC: Castle
JAN: Weapon or Armor
FEB: 3D Sculpture

The student is to create a character

for the Arthurian simulation and begin

writing stories about the charater's adventures

in Arthurian England.

The student is to write 5 poems of different type using the rules found on the Poetry Toolbox  page.


The student is to create a

new medieval creature

by combining two creatures as in the cockatrice.  They are then to create

a poster with the creature surrounded

by fun facts and information about their

new creation.

The student is to create a model of

a castle from research in class.

The student is to create a weapon or piece of armor from

research in class.

Using geometric nets of various types, the student is to create a 3D

sculpture for display.


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