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The Picts are indigenous to the island. They "grew out of the soil," some of them from rocks and others from trees, yet others were brothers and sisters to the animals of the wild. They lived in harmony with the spirits of the world, and they communed with the giants and dwarves who inhabited it. Then "foreigners came, with wicked ways," like farming that slices open the Great Mother’s skin. They built houses that stopped the ancient flow of power. They brought swords and war, so that the Picts withdrew to the wild places to "live in harmony" and preserve their ancient ways. They have "never been seduced to civilized softness and decadence."


Skills & Traits

Picts stock tends to produce smaller people than other cultures. They are nimble, but their hard life makes them seem rather unattractive to others.

Picts are experts in the outdoors, being hunters and trackers without comparison. They mostly use sword and spear in combat, in particular favoring the Great Spear.



Heathen and British Christian


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