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"Nature is harsh and unpredictable. We live as our ancestors lived, and do whatever we must do to live in harmony with those fierce powers. To do otherwise is foolish and invites the reprisal of Nature, which no man or god can withstand."

Heathenism is the oldest religion in Britain, the root of Paganism. It has no hierarchical structure and differs from Paganism in some key ways ways: it emphasises experience, not philosophy, as the root of knowledge. Heathenism is much more shamanical, personal and entrepreneurial a worldview.

Religious traits for Heathen knights are: Vengeful, Honest, Arbitrary, Proud, Worldly.


British Pagan

"Our religion is based on respect for the land and its resident powers, whom our ancestors have worshipped for uncounted generations. It is natural and local, and we wouldn’t abandon it for an upstart minority creed started by a prophet who lived far away, in a land entirely unlike ours."

Paganism is the native religion of Britain. A mixture of local practices and beliefs, Paganism is often characterized by beliefs and attitudes that differentiate it from Christianity. The most obvious is the worship of many immortal and sometimes deific entities called gods, goddesses, and spirits. These entities inhabit the landscape, the sky, the sun, the moon, and other parts of the world, and also the Other Side (also called the Spirit Realm, the Faerie Realm, or any number of other such titles). They imbue the world with a life force and consciousness. By living in harmony with these natural forces, people live happier, healthier, safer lives. Paganism believes in an afterlife, on the Other Side, and druids also taught that souls reincarnate back onto our side as well.

Religious traits for British Pagan knights are: Amorous, Energetic, Generous, Honest, Proud.


Germanic Pagan

"We worship the gods of our ancestors. Our gods have led us in peace and in war, and their blood runs in our veins. It would be folly to abandon that history."

Germanic Paganism, also known as Wotanism, reveres a pantheon of gods and goddesses. The chief god of the nobles and warriors is Wotan, the all-seeing god of kings, warriors, and poets. Seax is the sword and war god.

Religious traits for Germanic Pagan knights are: Generous, Proud, Worldly, Reckless, Indulgent.



"Our ancient ways have protected us and our families since the dawn of time. We will worship and honor them as long as they continue to do so."

The Saracens are said to be a pagan people who worship a trinity of deities named Mahounde, Tervagan, and Apollin.

Do not confuse Saracen religion with that of Islam as it did not yet exist.  This religion is older and more native to North Central Africa.

Note: By the time many authors wrote of characters like Sir Palomides, the Muslim faith had reached England and so the writers of the day simply adapted their tales to match the current enemies in the Holy Lands and the Crusades.

Religious traits for Saracen knights are: Chaste, Just, Merficul, Pious, Temperate.


Roman Christian

"Saint Peter was the favorite of Our Lord Jesus, and he founded the only True Church. It has survived intact as our organization of bishops. Of course we obey the Pope."

Roman Christians follow the church founded by Peter, the head of Jesus' apostles and one-time religion of the Roman Empire. They believe in be "One God, One Church, One Bishop," with the Roman Bishop declared to be pre-eminent, invested as Pope. They practice centralization and tight control of all churches, with church fathers standardising the New Testament Bible, sacraments, and holy days. Although most of the fundamentals are superficially identical to British Christianity, there is enough different to create tensions that have on occasions flared into open conflict.

Religious traits for Roman Christian knights are: Chaste, Forgiving, Merciful, Modest, Temperate.


British Christian

"Ours is the first established Christian Church. Before Saint Peter was in Rome, the most holy Joseph of Arimathea founded his church here. And Joseph brought the Holy Grail, which is the most important relic of Christianity, for it held the blood which He spilled to redeem mankind.”

British Christianity is a local religion with a different infrastructure to the Roman Christian church. Key differences include that local kings, not Rome, appoints men to the rank of bishop, a stronger focus on clerical poverty, less focus on the concept of Original Sin and a different calculation of the date of Easter. (This last one may sound like trivia but, as the most important holy day in the Christian calendar, it is a major source of friction.)

Religious traits for British Christian knights are: Chaste, Energetic, Generous, Modest, Temperate.


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