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The Cymri (pronounced "kym-ri") are one of the most populous cultures in all of Britain. Cymric people can be found as far north as Strangorre and Lothian all the way to the southern kingdom of Logres.



Long, long ago, "in the legendary times, before Rome was even founded," refugees from Troy came to this island seeking their destiny. Their leader was Brutus, a grandson of Aeneas, and from his name the island was called Britain. Brutus and his men drove out the savage race of monstrous giants who inhabited it. They established relationships with the ancient gods and goddesses and with the faerie races that live underground and in hidden kingdoms. They settled far and wide, giving every place its proper name. Ever since, the Cymric people have been the dominant British people.


Cymric principles are not based on imperial aggression, like the Romans. They are based on "humility, honor, and unity" and on "recognition of our place in the land." The Cymric peoples, or Cymri, rightfully disdain "Roman greatness," which is based on an arrogant and selective memory. They don’t talk about the fact that the great Julius Caesar was driven off. Yes, Rome came back and "temporarily conquered" the island, settling many cities, but when the empire dissolved into civil war, it was a Briton, Constantine the Great, who took British soldiers and united it again. When Armorica was devastated by barbarians and disease, it was Britons who resettled it. So the Romans came, but the proud Cymri were not assimilated and have subsequently reasserted their national character.


Skills & Traits

Cymric stock tends to produce taller, larger people than other cultures.  Cymric training focuses on spears & lances and all of their menfolk are confident in using such weapons on foot or horseback. Their knights are thusly regarded as the finest mounted warriors in the land whose charge is second to none.



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