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   Saracen come from the Saracen Kingdom of North Africa and Araby. It includes the desert dwellers, the many city states along the Mediterranean coast and the Sarahan desert. Its people are educated and sophisticated in ways that the other Continental peoples find difficult to understand.



"We are a wise and powerful people. We have conquered the strongholds of the ancient empire of Egypt and taken from them the knowledge that is worth adding to our own. Foreign peoples are often excitable and prone to violence, but beneath that can be loyal and friendly once they overcome their bias against strangers."


Warrior Tradition

The Moors have a coming of age ceremony that is marked with solemnity and celebration. The youth relates his worthiness, tell of his deeds, performs some actions to prove his value, and is welcomed into the warrior brotherhood.

Unlike western knights, the bow is not considered an undignified weapon by Moor warriors who focus on its use.


Skills & Traits

Saracen stock tends to produce sturdier, nimbler people than other cultures.

Saracen warriors are excellent riders and favor skirmish fighting, and shooting with their bows from horseback.




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