The Irish are the dominant  culture on Britain's western isle, with a presence on the mainland as well.


The Irish people began "in legendary times," when the Milesians came to the mortal world and settled in the Emerald Island, Eire, which lies to the west of Britain. There they established a harmonious relationship with the spirits of the land, and a dangerous tribal rivalry that has kept them simultaneously lively and at risk.  They are a proud and free people, "never conquered by the Romans or anyone else." They love life and "live it to the fullest," knowing how to "both enjoy and to bring enjoyment." They have also expanded their territory and established several kingdoms on the island of Britain (Such as Estregales and Dal Riada).


Skills & Traits

The Irish are strongly related to the Cymri and, like them, their stock tends to produce taller, larger people than other cultures.

The Irish are famed for their musical skill, supposedly all being melodious of voice as well as skilled with instruments. They are also fine hunters, happy on horseback.



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