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     The Franks (or French) are a continental culture from across the British Sea.  They share a religion with the Saxons, but have some notable differences in how they think.



     The French are people of honour and pride. Frankish warriors are viewed by outsiders as classy barbarians with a misplaced sense of tribal pride. Their best are excellent horseman and fighters, although most are seen as self-serving to the point of cowardice.


Skills & Traits

     French stock tends to produce stronger, hardier people than other cultures.  Frank training covers an odd mixture of the primitive and the civilized. They are excellent hunters and skilled in the intrigues of court. Their womenfolk are excellent stewards, well versed in caring for the land. The French are well known for their √©lan, best translated as a sort of zeal inspired by their pride. The Franks can be driven to strange emotional highs and do acts of cruelty and bravery that they would not normally be capable.



Their religion is Wotanism (Germanic Paganism)

The chief god of the nobles and warriors is Wotan, the all-seeing god of kings, warriors, and poets. Seax is the sword and war god.

Religious traits for Germanic Pagan knights are: Generous, Proud, Worldly, Reckless, Indulgent.



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